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This was my first cloud based project, and I’ve done so much work on it that I created a subpage with more information (to keep this page concise).

Marco! Polo!

This is a quick little exercise I did as part of MIT’s “Lost Semester” training available at https://missing.csail.mit.edu/ It is a quick and dirty little bash utility that will save the current directory by calling ‘marco’ then can send you back there at any point by typing ‘polo’. Enjoying the training presented in this coursework and recommend it to anyone that wants to get to ‘Guru’ level with their command line functionality in nix based OSes. Here’s the link to my git.

Markov Text

Markov text problems are another word game type problem (CS seems to enjoy those!) We are trying to generate new text that sounds similar to a given text. This particular class is a command line argument where you can set the k-gram value and how many characters you’d like returned of the ‘new’ text. You can check out a relatively simple solution to what really only SOUNDS like a complicated problem on my git.

Implementing Breadth First Search

This is an implementation of BFS from college. In this assignment we were given an abstract class as a stand-in for a design document. This class guides the implementation for WHAT is should have, but leaves the HOW to me. See it on my github, here.

This site!

  • AWS
  • CentOS
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • WordPress

I will add more work as I do things I find interesting enough to show off.