Autumn air!

Its getting cooler out, this has to be one of my favorite seasons.

This semester I have a pretty wide array of course work. To begin with, Software Engineering is covering the software development lifecycle. I am learning UML and all of the ways that systems are modelled; from requirements analysis to production. In addition I’m finishing up my 2nd database course, focused primarily on query writing.

After those, I am on to Web Development with XML/JSP and Mobile development with Swift. It’s been a great semester so far, and I can’t wait for spring (my FINAL term!) With graduation so close, I’ve began working on updating my resume and researching positions and companies. Having said that, I may stay where I am, as I plan on transferring to Georgia Tech for my Master’s NEXT fall!

Last item: I just got selected for a work project with Python for a graphics application. The goal is taking scientific data sets and plot them to charts and maps. Should be a great learning experience!

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